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JUST THINK ABOUT IT FOR A MOMENT: Perhaps you might agree with me, that for the most part, most tax payers experiencing tax hardship are in the position they are because of a tragic incident such as a job loss or losing their business due to calamities beyond their control, such as fires, earthquakes, floods, the present set of economic conditions, etc.? Most tax payers with tax problems are probably like you and me: They are not innately bad people. Most people like to earn an honest living, pay their portion of what they owe such as taxes. Most tax payers like to help others less fortunate, particularly those in need. I believe, that most tax payers would gladly pay taxes owed if they have the money to pay the taxes in the first place. Don't you agree? For the most part people in general like to be the givers rather than takers. My opinion is that most taxpayers are honest hard working folks who would rather not owe anyone a dime. But life happens. And when it does sometimes some of us fall into an abyss with taxes owed.

Do you currently owe taxes to the IRS or FTB?

Guess what? You my friend, are not alone in this predicament. Back taxes owed to IRS/FTB  are much more prevalent than you would know. Here are some interesting statistics:

  • Did you know that at least 1 in 6 people either owe past taxes to the IRS or the FTB?
  • Did you know that about 13 million individuals owe about $20,000 to the IRS or the FTB?
  • Did you know that millions of tax payers just simply do not have sufficient money to pay the entire tax amount owed to the IRS nor the Franchise Tax Board in one giant payment?
  • Did you know that interest and penalties accrued by tax payers continues to balloon out of control?
  • Did you know that the IRS/FTB comes after you one after the other does because information about tax delinquency is shared by several government enforcement agencies?


Did you know that the Internal Revenue Service and the Franchise Tax Board can be unforgiving and relentless in the enforcement of tax liens?

Both the Internal Revenue Service and the Franchise Tax Board are two the most powerful collection agencies. The IRS and FTB have the authority and power to enforce tax liens, seize bank accounts, seize property such as your cars, homes and anything of value including your inheritance? In order to collect debt owed to the IRS and FTB, each entity has the power to completely disrupt the day to day living of a taxpayer. FTB and the IRS have the supreme authority to make your life miserable. However, on a positive note, there is NO DEBTOR’s PRISON in the United States.

Get your IRS/FTB Tax Resolution problems resolved as quickly as  possible

  • Do you happen to have Tax Liens or Tax Levies against you by the IRS or FTB?
  • Have the IRS or FTB instituted wage garnishment action against you?
  • Do you need help with mitigating tax penalties for interest owed to the IRS/FTB?
  • Can you use help with Tax Negotiations & Tax issues Settlement with the IRS or FTB?
  • Would like help getting IRS/FTB tax debt reduced?
  • Do you need to get back taxes owed to the IRS/FTB resolved asap?
  • Have you been delinquent in filing Payroll Taxes?
  • Unfiled Tax Returns?
  • DO you have a Lien on your property?

….Contact us if you happen to have answered YES! to any of the above issues, our tax resolution experts at Mission Oaks Tax & Accounting are waiting to help you. CALL TODAY TO FIND OUT HOW – Call ( 805) 482-1715.

Why our clients select us (Mission Oaks Tax & Accounting) for assistance with their tax resolution problems?

Here's why:

  • No Hidden Fees
  • Joint team of experts with 40 plus years of collective tax resolution experience
  • We have IRS Power of Attorney in ALL fifty (50) States in the United States
  • Enrolled Agent on staff to help you with tax resolution
  • CPA on staff to help you with tax resolution
  • We negotiate possible payment plans where possible with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the Franchise Tax Board (FTB)
  • In house tax professionals with a minimum designation of either an Enrolled Agent or CPA to handle your tax resolution case
  • We do not outsource your tax resolution case - We won’t outsource tax resolution period!
  • Tried and tested 9 Step detailed Tax Resolution approach/process

 Our 9 Step Detailed Tax Resolution Process:

  • STEP 1. CALL US RIGHT NOW: You make and initial inquiry
  • STEP 2. DISCUSSION: We set up an appointment to understand your specific tax debt issues
  • STEP 3. INFORMATION GATHERING: You provide all necessary documents pertaining to your tax debt issue
  • STEP 4. DUE DILIGENCE: We analyze the information provided to us by you
  • STEP 5. ACQUISTION OF TRANSCRIPT FROM IRS/FTB: We get authorization from you and then request any transcripts from IRS/FTB. We negotiate with IRS/FTB to possibly unfreezing of any your lock bank accounts
  • STEP 6. COMPREHENSIVE TAX DEBT NEGOTIATIONS: We negotiate IRS/TB to settle the debt for a lower amount than you typically owe
  • STEP 7. RESOLVE DEBT: Debt you owe to the IRS/FTB is paid off (each person has a different repayment period depending on your financial situation)
  • STEP 9. CASE CLOSED!!!: Get IRS/FTB to formally close your case


Because as soon as you sign up with Mission Oaks Tax and Accounting, we will assign a tax expert who will analyze your situation and layout what possible options are available. We confirm that you are serious about resolving your tax issues by ensuring good faith on your part by you making a down  for us to open your case and represent you.  


We take time understand your position because each situation occurs because of a different set of circumstances. We discern if it is only IRS or the FTB who might next be lining up to also initiate action against you. What about the county that you live in? Could they as a consequence levy a lien for unpaid property taxes which could occur when you are suffering from loss of finances possibly.


We work with you to gather the necessary documents that will be required for your tax resolution case.


Our experts examine all the documents and discern facts that might benefit your case. Next, we conduct legal research of recent tax law that might apply to your particular case


Once we have the necessary information to represent you. We order your transcripts from the enforcement agency at issue such as the IRS or FTB. If there is a lien against your bank account, we get the enforcing agency to remove the lien. If the agency agrees then it allows you to access much needed funds.


If you negotiate directly with the IRS/FTB there is no buffer between you and them. They naturally will want to get the maximum amount that they possible can get out of you without considerations such as that you may have you kids to feed at home. The difference between you directly negotiating with them versus us is that we negotiate with the IRS/FTB on a daily basis. We are aware of any newly enacted laws that may work in your favor. The IRS nor the FTB have any duty to share recent tax laws that are in your favor.


Because every situation is unique, our experts deploy meticulously prepared case law built to support your tax resolution strategy so that you receive the maximum benefit at the time of resolution of your case


If you provide us proper documentation initially to build a case in your favor based on tax law and all goes well, we receive a final release from the IRS/FTB. At this stage you no longer owe them the debt.


(self explanatory)


Since the inception of the tax resolution division, Mission Oaks Tax and Accounting has had one and ONLY ONE PRIMARY FOCUS – and that is to assist YOU in knowing your rights with the IRS/FTB and implementing-executing a workable plan to deal with the aggressive collection policies of the state agencies such as the FTB/and federal agencies such as IRS

As we know, tax issues can create great stress, depression, and anxiety. It can seem overwhelming when an individual tries to take on formidable governmental agencies by themselves while being at risk of garnishments or property seizures. Harness the power of Mission Oaks Tax and Accounting use its formidable tax resolution experience to work for you.


Assisting our troubled client get back their life means the world to us. You have rights when you are dealing with delinquency action being enforced by the IRS and the FTB.

Sometimes IT IS NOT EVEN YOUR FAULT and you get in trouble with the IRS or the FTB. You may have experienced this: let’s say that the IRS has been holding your tax refunds because they believe that you owe a tax debt when in reality YOU DID NOT OWE A TAX DEBT. On the contrary the debt had been dissolved in court of law. Perhaps you even tried by having letters sent by you accountant to the IRS or FTB? Yet sadly nothing worked. Perhaps your elderly relative saw you suffering and could do nothing but to helplessly watch from a distance. Well a client had such a situation. Had her relative not called on her behalf and made an appointment with a tax resolution expert for her she would have lost her life savings.  Not only was she able to get tax relief on her tax debt owed but she also received her prior tax refunds. Imagine the relief a client feels at such a moment.

Each day we guide our clients through the “mine-field” of IRS laws/ Franchise Tax Board enforcement actions to ensure that you are adequately informed and protected. This does require commitment, discipline and a concerted effort on your part to keep the lines of communication open with us and the related entity such as the FTB or the IRS.

We realize that you are already in a predicament from owing back taxes. Perhaps you haven’t filed your tax returns for several years because of some event that caused you to be in the situation you are. Just know that from your enrollment for tax resolution to the day your tax case gets resolved, WE ARE WITH YOU IN EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

When our clients share with us that they for the FIST TIME in many months they have FINALLY  been able to get some sound sleep because we were able to STOP THE ENFORCEMENT ACTION and unfreeze a client’s bank accounts. This gives meaning to our life.

We feel your pain…your trials and tribulations when dealing with entities such as the IRS and FTB and  realize what you are experiencing. Only a person who is going through such tough time knows how it truly feels. No one should have to go through what you experienced. You experience the suffocation from the Franchise Tax Board or the IRS such as you just find out that bank accounts have been frozen and not having money to feed your children or put gas in the vehicle or pay your bills, the result ends up being that you go into a spiral getting depressed. Therefore, it brings meaning to our lives when we can ease the suffocation our clients experience during IRS and FTB enforcement and they can start off with a fresh new page released from past debts that they owed to the IRS or other entities like the FTB.

Mission Oaks Tax & Accounting’s focus is to resolve the debt you incurred with IRS / State Tax . With a combined experience of 40 years amongst our tax relief experts, we have developed over-time a sophisticated holistic approach that is a proven way to help clients who are experiencing tax hardship with the IRS, FTB and other tax enforcement agencies. This will help you because it is designed to help You  gain insight and control of all your most logical options PRIOR to spending any money to resolve your tax problems (tax liens) brought against you by the IRS or the FTB.


  • If you are a delinquent tax payer who has been receiving notices from the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • If you are a taxpayer how wages are being garnished or bank accounts have been levied (IRS/FTB has frozen your bank accounts.
  • If you have tax liens filed against you.
  • If you have not filed your tax returns
  • If you are a business and failed to pay payroll taxes
  • If you have been knowingly or unknowingly skipping paying State Taxes


Did you know that in most cases, your State tax collection enforcement authorities such as the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) can be MUCH more AGGRESIVE and act even before the IRS takes action. What typically happens is that those individuals who owe likely the IRS, also end up owing state taxes. And did you know that State tax collection  enforcement has the tremendous ability reach and can cause financial turmoil that instantly can result in financial hardship if you don’t address it in a timely manner. Unlike a majority of our competition, Mission Oaks Tax and Accounting has had to represent clients with State Tax enforcement hounding the poor clients. However, as you may have realized, that each state is unique when it comes to the extent it goes through to enforce tax liens. It is a fact that some states are much more brutal in their enforcement. We had a client call our office because one morning she could not buy milk for her children because she found out that she couldn’t use her ATM card that morning. Then she realized that he vehicle was running low on gas. And when she attempted to fill up gas to get home. She found out that there too her ATM card would not work. SHE WAS STRANDED thanks to how agencies enforce tax delinquency on a tax payer. THEREFORE, don’t suffer the same consequences as our client, call us today our tax expert can prevent any such eventuality from affecting you.


In the unlikely event that you or your loved one incurs the wrath of the Internal Revenue Service or the Franchise Tax Board, a quick yet timely call to Mission Oaks Tax and Accounting could be the best actions you could take. Why? Because our team of experiences experts (CPA’s and Enrolled Agents) are standing by to defend you. By taking the decisive step to receive tax resolution guidance from Mission Oaks Tax and Accounting, it might make the difference  between how the IRS or the FTB deals with you. Our expertise in providing expert advice on tax resolution, pivotal strategic maneuvers by our experts may be able to allow you to defend yourself and maneuver through the often-perplexing maze of State/IRS collection  as efficiently, inexpensively and with minimum pain or heartache as possible.

What is the purpose of an in-person meeting with our tax resolution experts: Why you might need it?

There a  plethora of well-founded reasons as to why consulting with one of our tax resolution experts makes sound sense. In-fact it might be the best decision you have ever made dealing with the Franchise Tax Board or the Internal Revenue Service.

  • Our Expertise: Our joint expertise with dealing with the IRS and FTB issues on a daily basis. Starting with DAY 1 of your very own tax resolution process, you will become cognizant with the assurance that we possess specialized knowledge and hands-on-experience in resolving tax resolution problems. Whether it happens to be a State agency such as the FTB or a Federal agency such as the Internal Revenue Service, it does not matter. It’s what we do, day-in and day-out. It is the mission; it is what we breathe – it is what we dream and it is the last thought on our mind when we fall asleep: we share your trials and tribulations, WHY? because our PRIMARY focus is YOU. Our PRIMARY FOCUS IS RESOLVING YOUR PROBLEMS whether it is with the IRS or whether it is with any of State agencies that come after you . Just as the that IRS agents or Franchise Tax Board tax assessment enforcers are like bloodhound at attempting to get what they want from taxpayers such as you, you can be rest assured that we’re study tax law as it applies to tax resolution; we deal daily with the IRS/FTB. As a result, we have subject matter expertise in dealing with tax resolution issues in more ways than most people are aware of.
  • Hands on tax professionals at your service: Our in-depth understanding and comprehension of different tax agencies whether they are State enforcement agency such as Franchise Tax Board or Federal tax enforcement agency such as the Internal Revenue Service it doesn’t matter do you know why? Because not a day goes by when we don’t have interaction on daily basis with the IRS and various tax enforcement agencies under the command and control of the State Once you start interacting with our tax expert assigned to you, the interaction with our expert at Mission Oaks Tax and Accounting will make that point very, obvious to you. Because in any field day today, hands on experience combined with years of knowledge is a very powerful combination to possess as your shield when it comes to both comprehension and defending your interests at least in terms of  what the IRS or a particular State tax agency will attempt to do and how you should best to handle every possible scenario possible.
  • Proven Tenacity: Our Enrolled agents and just about every members of our team working towards the abatement of your tax resolution case have over 40 plus years of combined experience dealing with the IRS and FTB.
  • Immersion: There is nothing that develops expertise in a particular field especially Tax Resolution other than being immersed in the day to day activities of resolving tax problems of clients from various walks of life.
  • Sleep Better & Lets us deal with your IRS/FTB tax troubles: Lets us take on the IRS or the State Agencies such as the Franchise Tax Board. Do you why it is better for you? Because, by using us as your shield, we are able to not only represent you interest but we are able to protect your interests – we are able to shield your vulnerabilities with our knowledge of tax resolution laws and court cases that apply to your situation. When we represent you, we are as a matter of fact protecting your interest under legal statue when confronting the IRS or any of the State tax enforcement agencies, which is likely to save your hours of worrying, wasted sleepless nights, possibly keep your blood pressure down, lower your anxiety and apprehension which may prevent some people from possibly having a heart attack from the stress experienced when dealing with the IRS/FTB. Furthermore, the Tax Resolution expert assigned to represent you knows what to say and what not to say to the IRS/FTB and when to put your foot down in order to be assertive. But also, to have the insight to not to be rude because after all the IRS agent or FTB enforcement person is a human as well. As a team  we can jointly face the IRS or the State tax enforcement personnel in a non-frightened yet assertive- calm-matter-of-fact- manner.
  • Attention to detail: When it come to your tax resolution case, rest assured we are with you in every step that you take. It makes our day when you feel calm and in control when dealing with the IRS or the FTB. That is why we take time initially to gain in-depth insight to the facts pertaining to your case so that we can identify the issue, use the proper tax resolution rule, conduct an intelligent analysis on how we should proceed and take action which is in your best interest.


  • Wage Garnishment appeal/release (WGA/R) – A procedure that results in possibly the garnishment is lifted and you may be released from your liability. We work with you to possibly remove any wage garnishments if they are resulting in tax hardship.
  • Prevent seizure of assets – We assist you in implementing legally applicable way to prevent the seizure of your assets
  • Discharge of Tax Lien (DTL) – removal or discharge of your tax lien
  • Subordination of Tax Lien (STL)
  • Administrative appeal - IRS specifies details about your right to appeal an IRS decision. There are four set of circumstances where you can appeal. For further information contact the IRS or call our office at (805) 482-1715 you will be glad you did.
  • Innocent Spouse defense/relief – where you spouse filed a fraudulent tax return without your knowledge and you can seek relief based on the fact.
  • Bank levy release (BIR) – When a levy against you is extinguished/released because of the expiry date or if you pay off the tax debt you owed. We assist you in the removal of a tax levy
  • Currently non-collectible (CNC) – when an individual is unable to pay back taxes/penalties owed caused by a temporary hardship. However, your debt is not extinguished.
  • Offer in Compromise (OIC) – Requirement: Ability for repayment of tax debt owed
  • Installment agreement negotiations with IRS/FTB - An agreement with the IRS/FTB that specifies the interval of your payment, the amount of your payment.
  • Penalty Dissolution/abatement (PD/A) – FTB/IRS are authorized to assess a multitude of penalties including late filing and late payment penalties. In some instances, the penalties you owe could be far greater than the initial debt that you owed.
  • Tax Lien Withdrawal (TLW)
  • Tax Lien Discharge (TLD)
  • Partial Payment Installment Agreement/Acceptance (PPIA/A) – When you cannot complete paying in full due to hardship, the FTB/IRS at their discretion may allow you to pay them in portioned payments which may possibly amount to less than the total tax debt due.
  • Appeals of Collection Action (ACA) – Office of Appeals (OIA) is an entity independent of the Internal Revenue Service. States may also possess such an entity where you can apply/petition/appeal based on your individual rights.
  • Representation before the IRS
  • Compliance – compliance with tax laws is the one of the best defenses against criminal action. Staying on right side of the law and ensuring that ethical processes are being followed is possibly the best form of protection against criminal action


Currently Not Collectible Status (CNCS)

Should you simply be in a financial position where you cannot pay what you possibly owe to the IRS or to FTB, you may under specific circumstances request that your account be placed on Currently Not Collectible Status. You will be required to provide detailed financial information by filling out Form 433A Collection Information Statement for Wage Earners and Self-Employed Individuals. Should your request under Tax Hardship (CNC Status) be granted, however all collection efforts will be temporarily halted. However, you will no doubt still owe prior taxes to the IRS. Because what you owe simply does not melt away. Furthermore, your circumstances will be re-evaluated and the temporary freeze on all collection activity on your account can be lifted.

Tax Penalty Abatement

Should you be in a position pay your tax obligation in full, however, you desire a possible break on the penalties that you have incurred, then, the Tax Penalty Abatement program might be something that you might want to seriously consider. The Tax Penalty Abatement program requires that you must provide a compelling reason for requesting a tax penalty abatement, it must be based on objective justification rather than subjective justification such as a recent death of your immediate family member, unemployment experienced over prolonged period, loss experienced due to a natural disaster etc. In order to qualify, you need to request a tax penalty abatement by writing a letter explaining your individual situation, an in-person interview with a tax professional or by filing IRS Form 843Claim for Refund and Request for Abatement.

When you are unable to pay but you owe State taxes or Federal Income taxes

Just how in the world can you even possibly negotiate with the Internal Revenue Service or a State tax enforcement action? Should such a thought send your blood pressure through the roof, you are not the only one. However, just like you seek a doctor’s expertise when you have high blood pressure or a have a medical problem, similarly we have licensed tax resolution experts only a call away that can provide tax resolution advice and help you mitigate your tax resolution challenges. Therefore, based on your personal financial health and the fact about how much is owed to a particular State agency or Federal agency, there might be an option for you to possibly make a series of regular pre-agreed to payments over a specified time interval or  you may be able to negotiate payment of  a reduced amount. Such a payment might provide an option to pay what you agreed to in one big onetime only lump sum or you may reach an agreement in writing to pay what you owe in the form of smaller installments that are in harmony with your financial situation presently. There is one other option that we need to consider and that is in some situations such as when the tax payer might be terminally ill and have only months to live, what you owe to the tax enforcement agency might be forgiven by IRS or the State tax enforcement agency.

Expiry of the Statute of Limitations

Under certain circumstances, there might be a possibility for you to delay your tax obligations and possibly have them erased from your record of taxes owed. However, you need to keep in mind that there is a statute of limitations. For example, for federal income taxes the statute of limitations is generally ten years, unless fraud is involved. However, please be forewarned because calculating the statute of limitations comes with complexity. There might be several rules that apply such as if you file bankruptcy or if you file a dispute or a lawsuit against the IRS, such action can lead to temporarily stopping of the clock. Therefore, should you plan to use this particular strategy, it behooves you to get legal tax advice from you tax expert.

 Installment Payment Agreement – (Payment to the IRS/FTB in installment)

In the event there is a possibility that you could possibly have some ability to pay your penalties in predictable monthly payments to settle what you owe for your taxes, then, there is a possibility that an installment agreement can be effectuated. But there is a catch, and the catch is that the tax enforcement agency such as the IRS may require you to:

  • Complete Form 9465: Installment Agreement Request and
  • Complete Form 433-F: Collection Information Statement usually submitted via standard mail

However, ALWAYS remember ONE THING: what you disclose to the IRS can be used against you. Often people innocently trip and fall victim to this issue. Why? Because an enforcement agency such as the Internal Revenue Service has to do what it in its best interest. Their best interest happens to be collection of the maximum revenues for the Department of Treasury. Therefore, should you happened to have certain assets of value or possibly any sort of income, you may want to consider obtaining legal advice from a tax resolution expert PRIOR TO SUBMITTING your financials records to the requesting tax agency. Furthermore, BE AWARE that ONCE YOUR AGREE TO MAKE PAYMENT to the particular Federal or State tax enforcement agency based on a written agreement with the agency via a signed payment consent agreement, WISH YOUR TAX REFUNDS GOOD BYE because your tax refunds will now be utilized to make up the difference of your past delinquent amount owed.



There are no guarantee’s how a government entity such as the IRS or the FTB will react to an Offer-in Compromise. Our Estimates based are only on prior results of individual results that we have already helped. However please note that outcomes can completely be different even if based on fairly similar circumstances, such as a client’s earnest effort to provide Mission Oaks Tax & Accounting with timely and accurate information. We make no guarantee that your tax debts or your tax problems will simply vanish or even partially be lowered by any specific amount or that your stated tax debt will be erased completely or even partially within a specific interval of time nor can we guarantee that your case could qualify for any particular IRS or FTB program. Any interest based on penalties could continue to be imposed on you until the IRS or FTB deems that the amount you owe them as a tax liability is fully paid to the IRS or FTB or the enforcing agency. Because Mission Oaks Tax & Accounting is only a tax resolution entity. We are NOT the IRS. We are NOT the FTB or for that matter, we are not affiliated with any government agency. Furthermore, we cannot assume any of your tax debt nor can we make monthly payments to creditors. You are directly responsible for the money you owe. We cannot  provide any legal advice whatsoever. By the act of providing your personal information, you agree that you expressly consent to receive any emails, calls and/or SMS text messages at the contact numbers that you have provided to us as part of our process. By this we mean that it  includes but is not limited to any advertising, any solicitation, and any service updates from Mission Oaks Tax and Accounting. We would also like to notify you that you might incur phone charges for any contact from your phone company such as but not limited to instances where we call you designated phone number and it is but not limited a cell phone number. Please read and comprehend any and all information prior to signing up with us. Because rules and regulation change from time to time, it is your responsibility to do your own due diligence on whether the services that we provide even are permitted in your state.



Mission Oaks Tax & Accounting will refund monies paid under the Mission Oaks Tax & Accounting’s Agreement within the first 5 calendar days without any penalty or obligation. This money-back guarantee exclusively applies to the fee paid towards the Investigation Phase only. Our money back guarantee does not apply to those enrolled if we are working on an “emergency tax resolution case” or a case where we have agreed and signed an addendum to your original tax resolution project

Call us today at (805) 482-1715 or email us at - Tax resolution for your tax hardship is just a step away.


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