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Best Bookkeepers, CPA's and Best Accountants - how do you find them?

if you are remote and need a good bookkeeper: You can find the best bookkeepers and the best accountants by researching what people have to say. Additionally, if you are in driving distance, you should try to visit the office of the accounting firm to get a feel for the staff who will working on your bookkeeping and taxes.

What do you really need: Is there any difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant?

Startups and small-business owners are frequently told that they should find a professional to manage/advise with the accounting side of the equation for their companies. Because, both bookkeepers and accounting firms offer bookkeeping services, understanding which one you need can be puzzling.

John Elhai, President of Mission Oaks Tax and Accounting, and Arnie Blitstein, Enrolled Agent, Vice President of Mission Oaks Tax and Accounting help businesses, non-profit organizations focus on setting and maintaining their books so that these business entities maintain up-to-date records which can be used to manage their operations, complete their taxes filing requirements and be overall in proper compliance with Federal and State entities.

What should you look for when looking for the best bookkeeper or the best accountant for you?

Quite often, the answer to finding the best bookkeeper/accountant for you usually depends on your what you need done and the level of expertise that the tasks require. Typical questions a CPA or an Enrolled Agent would ask their bookkeeping clients to properly package their services include:

What structure is used by your company:

What they mean by that is:

  • A sole proprietorship or an S-Corp or a C-Corp or a Limited Liability Partnership LLC etc.?
  • What Standard Industrial Classification Code (SIC code) best defines your organization?
  • Whether you  manage a wide spectrum of fixed assets or massive amounts of Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) in inventory?
  • How many employees do you have?
  • Whether your employees are full time or par-time of contractors

Naturally, the more complex an organization, the more mission critical it is to ensure that whoever is designated as the company’s bookkeeper is also complemented by the best CPA who can provide timely advice  when needed. Ideally If the accounting firm manages the books, it allows the CPA’s to monitor the books inhouse hence it provides a perfect team to ensure that your books are tax ready

Furthermore, it is advisable not to risk your bookkeeping by just going to the lowest price person because any errors in bookkeeping affect your tax return.

How expensive are the best bookkeepers and best accountants?

Many times, it depends on the industry and the level of expertise required.

Questions we ask our clients in order to structure our services include:

  • What industry is the company is in?
  • Do you maintain a number of fixed assets or a large amount of inventory?
  • How many employees do you have?

The more complex the organization, the more important it is to make sure that the company’s bookkeeper is also supported by a good CPA who can provide tax guidance if needed.  

What qualities are pivotal in deciding on the Best Bookkeeper or the Best Accounting firm for you?

First and foremost, in your quest for the best Bookkeeper or the Best Accounting Firm, you should make sure that they can speak to you in simple ordinary English without all the jargon. Jargon is important but being able to explain how it relates to your situation in plain English is important as well.

Hence it behooves you to make sure to seek out a bookkeeper and an accountant who can speak to you in plain English. Many of the best financial professionals or best accounting professionals struggle with this. Additionally, you should never have to fear or feel dumb to ask questions. You should be able to express to your bookkeeper or share with your accountant your confusion by saying something like, “I’m totally confused, I am not exactly understanding what exactly do you mean? Can you please clarify in simple terms for me please?” because the field of Bookkeeping and Accounting can be a lot of “mumbo-jumbo” and feels like a foreign language all together. Therefore, the best bookkeepers need to be able to explain bookkeeping and accounting concepts succinctly and in a manner that makes sense to you.

A  down to earth, warm, kind, friendly personality is in my opinion important when dealing with a bookkeeper. Furthermore, you should look for ethics, truthfulness and above all honesty when looking for your best bookkeeper. Additionally, the best bookkeeper for you is one that is able to to discuss something unpleasant that you might need to hear no matter how hard it is and provide you with a list of possible solutions and guidance.

When should you hire a bookkeeper?

Although, it is recommended that you are familiar with your books. It is recommended that in order to  build a business on a sound foundation, you accounting system is implemented in a standardized-systematic way. And why that is important is because:

  1. Accurate books are needed when you apply for a loan?
  2. Accurate books are needed by your tax preparer to prepare taxes.
  3. Accurate books are needed to pay you sales tax if necessary.

Therefore, don’t skimp on this mission critical cost. Have the bookkeeper at Mission Oaks Tax and Accounting lay the proper foundation for you. We use a standardized, systematic methodology in designing your accounting system.

What happens when owners try to “figure it out themselves” they often experience a wild stressful roller coaster ride when it comes time to making a transition. A good compromise is to find the best bookkeeper or the best accountant and consult with their staff or an accounting expert at the inception of the business and have the professional bookkeeper or accountant perform periodical reviews of your work.

Furthermore, it may benefit you to offload the bookkeeping tasks and negotiate with bookkeeping at specific intervals that might be required. Book that are setup properly in the beginning can be an effective tool for tracking and measuring key performance indicators

A timely and accurate set of books gives you the means to make better decisions.

Spend less time on bookkeeping and more time running your business with the help of your accounting system. It’s more than just bookkeeping software, it is everything you need to run your business.

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